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Php 500.00/set

Underarm Whitening - ASIAN SKIN AT IT'S BEST.

1. Black Bleaching Soap 135g
2. Green Peeling Oil 20ml
3. Licorice Bleaching Cream 10g
4. Aluminum Chloride with Melawhite 60ml
5. Hydrocortisone Cream 10g


Underarm discoloration is caused by improper plucking and use of strong deodorants.

Plucking the underarm hair results to chicken skin while improper shaving leads to skin nicks which leaves scars, which leads to skin discoloration.

Remove the outermost layer of the skin (dermis) and expose the smoother, new, whiter skin underneath.

After the underarm bleaching, refrain from:
...using scented underarm perspirants.
...plucking the underarm hair, best to shave or wax.
...shaving without proper skin preparation. It is best to shave after the shower when the hair is softer and more friable.

BLACK BLEACHING SOAP is gentle on the skin but remains a very potent bleaching agent.

GREEN PEELING OIL is a very safe type of peeling agentand can be used without the supervision of a Dermatologist as it is unlikely to burn skin, especially if used properly.

LICORICE BLEACHING CREAM will soothe the peeling skin while bleaching .
The main active ingredient found in licorice extract for skin bleaching is glabridin. Glabridin inhibits pigmentation by preventing tyrosinase activation. It is nontoxic to melanocytes, preventing permanent discoloration nor is it toxic to surrounding keratinocytes.
In fact, licorice extract has long been purported to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help alleviate skin redness.

ALUMINUM CHLORIDE 15-20% with MELAWHITE is a very effective anti-perspirant minus the harsh ingredients. It is fragrance-free and is prescribed for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).
Continue use of Aluminum Chloride after underarm bleach treatment for a whiter, softer, smoother underarm.

HYDROCORTISONE CREAM is a topical steroid that reduces skin inflammation. Use only on the affected skin, once to twice daily.

Directions for Use
1. Refrain from plucking or shaving the underarm 3 days prior to treatment.
2. Wash the underarm thoroughly with Black Bleaching Soap. Rinse well and pat the skin dry with a clean soft cloth.
3. For 2-3 consecutive days, apply a regulated amount of Green Peeling Oil using cotton, on the underarm 3 times with at least 10 minutes interval on every application.
4. Apply Hydrocortisone cream on the area when signs of redness or irritation are noted.
5. Wait 5 minutes, then apply the Bleaching cream for a soothing effect.
6. Use Aluminum Chloride 15-20% in the morning as anti-perspirant.

What to expect
a. Skin redness and sting.
b. It takes 2-3 days before the skin starts to peel.
c. Flaking skin, try to remove the dead skin while in the shower.
d. Do not shave or pluck newly peeled skin

Commonly asked Q:

1. Is the set really effective?
Yes, the idea is to peel the most superficial skin layer that is old and darkened. Hence, revealing the softer, whiter, new skin underneath. After peeling, you will apply Licorice whitening cream to even out the color.

2. Is it safe?

Yes. The peeling oil included in the set is a superficial and mild peeling solution that you can use without the aid of a professional. Several do's and dont's will be emailed along with your invoice.

3. How long does it take before I see results?

If you're applying enough peeling oil, it will take 3-5 days for your skin to peel. Give it another 5 days for your skin to heal itself. That’s a total of 10 or so days. Then you will see a whiter, smoother underarm.

4. My underarm has lines and ridges that did not whiten. What will I do now?

You can repeat skin peeling after 4-6 weeks. Or repeat application right away using cottonbuds on the ridges when applying green oil, that way you concentrate on the areas that you want to whiten.

5. I've been applying the peeling oil for 5 days, how come it's not peeling?

You might be applying too little, try to increase the amount of oil that you put on the cottonbuds.

6. How do I know that my skin peeled already?

Your skin will sting, plus you will be able to feel and remove the old skin.

7. How long does the set last?
With regular use, the set lasts for 3-4 weeks.

8. Can I use the Aluminum Chloride while I'm still peeling?

Yes. Just dab with cottonbuds and refrain from rubbing on your skin. If you have a spray bottle, that’s even better. Application will sting a little.

9. Can I use the black soap for the rest of my body?
Yes. Soak skin for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off.

10. Can I use the peeling oil for any darkened part of my body?
Yes. Do the same procedure as you did with the underarm. Test first on the inner upper arm for adverse reactions.

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